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Andrew Rangolan
Oct 01, 2021

Working people know there is a critical link between the bargaining table and the ballot box: any organizing victory or progress made on the shop floor means nothing if local, state, or federal legislators pass laws that threaten our rights to unionize. Economic policies that favor corporate CEOs can turn the economy wildly out of balance, and unions remain one of the last lines of defense in protecting the middle class.

TWU COPE (Committee on Political Education) is how we fight back. The COPE fund supports candidates who are supportive of TWU members at all levels of government, regardless of party affiliation. If a candidate by action or intention indicates he or she wants to provide a better life for all transportation industry workers and their families, COPE will help that candidate get into office to do just that.

COPE does not and cannot use member dues for political activity.

What COPE Does:

  • COPE distributes thousands of congressional voting records and helps educate union members on the issues so they can be informed voters.
  • COPE endorses candidates on the basis of their record and/or their program, not on the basis of their party affiliation.
  • COPE urges every union member and voting-age member of his or her family to vote!

What COPE Does Not Do:

  • COPE does not tell anybody how to vote.
  • COPE does not force union members to contribute to the fund.
  • COPE does not use dues money in the form of contributions to political candidates.
  • COPE does not force members to participate in its programs within their local or their community.

Contribute to COPE today to make sure your voice is heard in Washington. For more information, contact Andrew Rangolan, COPE Director.

Contributions to the TWU PCC are not tax deductible. Contributions to the TWU PCC are voluntary and no TWU member will be advantaged or disadvantaged for their decision to contribute or not contribute. The TWU PCC is connected to the TWU and may use the money it receives for political purposes including, but not limited to, making contributions to and expenditures for candidates for elected office.

COPE Director Andrew Rangolan

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